Thursday, August 24, 2017

When I started to plan thoughtful areas for my child, my number one priority was for her to feel welcomed in this place, to know we have been waiting for her. I started with her nursery. I thought about what the most important role for the room was - to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where my daughter would spend her quiet time by herself and with her parents and grandparents.

The setup was minimalist: baby mattress on the floor, one low wooden shelf for her baby toys, an art piece at her eye level, mirror, small round rug to play on, a rocking chair, a small lamp, changing mattress and a large basket for laundry. I think the best idea was the floor bed with the wall mirror. My daughter loved it! I remember walking into her room early in the morning and seeing her peacefully and happily laying in her bed. My heart melted. She felt so safe and secure being on the floor, versus in the crib where kids can only see the railings. Plus when I came at night to nurse her, I could lay down next to her, and have some rest too.

 Here you will find some items for your child's nursery:

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