Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It has been several months since our third child joined this world. As I am slowly returning to my regular routine and preparing new materials for my children, I wanted to share with you,  my dear readers, some Montessori websites which have free downloadable content. As I tend to use the same lessons with each of my children as they age, I’ve begun laminating the materials. Since it's a challenge for me to go out with a newborn, I ordered a laminating machine to work on the materials at home, while my kids nap.

 1. is a great Montessori website with lots of free content: seasons, matching cards, colors, etc.

 2. I also enjoyed the following Russian Montessori website:

 Both of the above websites have great articles that explain to readers in  simple language how to use the mentioned Montessori materials, how to make them and how to introduce them to our children at home or at school. The best part is they both offer many free downloads with beautiful and  realistic pictures.

Although the name of this site describes the users as teachers, it has many pages for parents as well. Just search for Montessori materials for... (enter age of your child) and you will find lots of downloadable content. Most of them are not free, but still quite affordable.

Many of my friends have been asking me about websites with Montessori wooden materials/educational toys. Amazon has some choices but I also highly recommend this site. They have very accurately listed materials separated into different subjects (language, science, math, etc). Be sure to take a look at  their “Practical life” page. It has many cute household objects you can order for your little ones to help you around the house. You can also request a free catalog from them and make a wish list for Christmas, Hanukkah or your child's birthday.

I hope you will find these resources useful. Have fun preparing lessons!

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