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 There is nothing better in this world than finding out about your pregnancy! I get goosebumps when I think about that amazing feeling. When we are expecting a new family member, most of us think of preparing the baby’s nursery and maybe play area. The best approach is to think about your whole house. It doesn’t mean remodeling or doing anything drastic - just small changes. As adults, we have our favorite corners everywhere around the house - a basket with blankets near the sofa when it gets cold; or, a bookshelf near a rocking chair. Your little one will love thoughtful corners, too!
 I think this preparation should take place before your child is born. During your pregnancy, you probably will have more time to think through the details, shop around to find some good deals and return items that do not work for you. But if you work full time, don’t worry, you can change the environment as your child is growing.


 When I started to plan thoughtful areas for my child, my number one priority was for him to feel welcomed in this place, to know we have been waiting for him. I started with his nursery. I thought about what the most important role for the room was - to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where my son would spend his quiet time by himself and with his parents and grandparents. The setup was minimalist: baby mattress on the floor, one low wooden shelf for his baby toys, an art piece at his eye level, mirror, small round rug to play on,a hanging mobile above his play area with realistic pictures of whales or some other animals, a rocking chair, a small lamp, changing table and a large basket for laundry.
I think the best idea was the floor bed with the wall mirror. My son loved it! I remember walking into his room early in the morning and seeing him peacefully and happily laying in his bed. My heart melted. He felt so safe and secure being on the floor, versus in the crib where kids can only see the railings. Plus when I came at night to nurse him, I could lay down next to him, and have some rest too.

When I think back, the changing table wasn’t needed. Within months, my son started to move around and it became dangerous and uncomfortable to change him so high. I moved his changing mattress down on the floor, and it was easier for both of us.

 As new moms, there are so many ads and commercials telling us that we need to buy everything for our baby to be a good mom. Each store has a long list for new parents’ registry that can be very overwhelming. Most of the recommendations are for up to 2 years, and then we redo our child’s nursery and buy everything new again.


After I completed his bedroom, I chose a bathroom where I could set up some things for him. I had a few sets of baby towels, one basket for bathing supplies, potty, low hangers for the child’s bathrobe and a baby hand towel. From the beginning, I had a small toothbrush for the child to get used to hygiene, a small comb and a hairbrush. You will be surprised how quick they grow and start pulling that hairbrush from your hand, to try to brush their hair by themselves. Bath time is still my kids’ favorite! I spent about $150 for the bathroom supplies.



 I knew I would spend time in the kitchen with my baby next to me, so I put together a basket with real kitchen supplies. Experienced moms know kids like to play with real stuff. I personally don’t use plastic or artificial materials, so I filled the basket with a few different sized wooden spoons, a small metal bowl (for making noise with the spoons!), little pot and pan, and a cotton placemat. Don’t be afraid to introduce those materials to your baby - you can start with wood since it is unbreakable. Be creative with your kitchen basket! Also, do not forget to change a few items out every week or two. You might be thinking, do you really need a kitchen corner? The answer is simple: Maria Montessori teaches us to prepare the child for this world from day one. By playing with the kitchen supplies, your child is going to learn the kitchen pieces names, colors, how to use them and many other creative ideas that we adults can’t even think of. You can have a small play rug next to the basket too. My husband purchased a cool small ladder for the child’s future needs (today, with this tool, he can reach most of the things without an adult’s help) and a learning tower (a safe standing stool with a few steps). I also had a small wooden table with the chairs. I started to use it as soon as my son was able to sit on his own (around 6 months)

There is one more thing I did in the kitchen. I emptied two lower shelves and filled them up with child sized silverware, plates, place mats, cups etc. The main reason is for the child to have easy access to them. Of course when he is two weeks old, he is not going to use any of it, but as time goes by, month by month you will reach another milestone and have a first meal with your child. Having these shelves will allow your child to help you in setting up his table for the meals.

 With two children now, I can say you won’t have any time to empty your shelves or to hang new art on the wall when your newborn arrives. Even if you have some free time, you probably will want to sleep or take a minute to relax and have a cup of coffee. So do as much as you can in preparing your home for this new family member before he actually arrives.
 Living Room

Your living and family room will need a few things. I had a small reading chair for my son with a basket of books. In addition, there was another corner with some small wooden puzzles and a basket of musical instruments. Have your favorite classic CDs near to relax with your baby with Beethoven or use your favorite Pandora station. My favorite channel is Canon in D.

 If you have an extra room in your house, turn it into a classroom/playroom. I combined these two terms, because with the children we play and learn at the same time. I always recommend to parents, before you buy your next toy for the child, ask yourself, what is its purpose? If you are having a hard time with that answer, do not buy that toy. You will save money and your house won’t be cluttered from toys.
Have fun in preparing your home for your little bundle of joy. He or she will change your life and your house forever ☺ If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me.


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