Montessori Philosophy

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”
— Maria Montessori

When I started my new journey as the parent, I wanted to find out how to raise my children in an open and free environment, where they will be respected as young individuals and I can follow their interests and needs. After my research, I really liked the Montessori way of teaching. Dr. Montessori's approach was the answer to many of my questions.

Maria Montessori worked with children her entire life. Her approach to education was revolutionary and has changed the old way of thinking. Earlier, people used to think that a newborn baby needs just food and sleep. She looked at each child, as an individual with his/her own will and talents from the moment they are born. She also believed that the newborn babies begin their sensorial journey from their birth. Maria Montessori designed many interesting materials to practice different textures, temperatures, shapes, composition, sizes, loudness, softness, weight, etc. 
"A child's education should begin at birth" (The Secret of Childhood, M.Montessori).

Dr. Montessori believed that by creating the prepared environment for our children, we help them to develop a sense of order, concentration, and the opportunity to discover new things. The main goal of education is to prepare the child for life. By keeping that goal in mind, we try to find the best tools to follow their interests.
Quiet Concentration Moment
From their birth, the child is eager to learn and to become independent. They try to imitate us, adults - their role models - by learning to walk, talk, eat, use the bathroom, dress themselves and later on write and read. Usually people think of the Montessori method as of something very complicated and challenging, but the shortest and easiest way to describe is  "teach your child how to do things by themselves". This perspective will help you in creating the environment for your child from their birth. Observe your little girl or boy and follow their interest. “From the beginning the child is preparing the instruments to master the environment” (Montessori from the Start, Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillarf Jessen). 

The following books will guide you in creating the home environment for your kids.When I was pregnant, these books helped me in preparing my baby's nursery, purchasing the first toys, and materials. 

If you've read these books, what was your favorite chapter? Send me a message at, i'd love to know! Let's continue our journey together!

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